Magi Soldat is a magi-tech magical girl series currently in its third draft serialization.

The series explores a more technological and "realistic" approach to the magical girl genre with an air reminiscent of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and the darkness of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

But don't simply discount this work as a fan-canon rip-off of either series. Magi Soldat has an entire life of its own replete with world-building and its own conlang (constructed fictional language).

Everyday Life and ZOMBIE (abbreviated ELaZ) is a 4koma series with no holds barred.

ELaZ centers around the apathetic NEET girl Sumiaki Nune and the anxious academic boy Handa Sugata. Drawn into the mysterious and lethal Zombie Games, they must find a way to survive! Or not.

This series is sheer WTF-ery at its best! (Or, perhaps, worst?)
Arriving in Q4 of 2016, STUDIO スター~☆ is proud to announce it will be publishing its first ero doujin title, Nomi ni Iku!

Nomi ni Iku (飲みに行く, lit. "Go For a Drink") explores a what-if scenario where the witch didn't fix her "error" patching up Nune! Strolling around town with her new gear, how will Nune handle her freshly intersexed condition?

Due to decisions by management, this series will be released as a Premium comic.

Item Cost: $4.99

Whoops! Sorry! Still getting the list of upcoming works assembled! :)
You probably don't wanna read these because the art is even worse! But I will put links here shortly, including links to old drafts of Magi Soldat. But that requires more back-end tweaks elsewhere!


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Many of the series produced by STUDIO スター~☆ happen to be drawn in the Japanese right-to-left format and employ Japanese sound effects. While this may easily be construed as an attempt towards "OELM" (Original English Language Manga), STUDIO スター~☆ neither considers nor condones the classification of its works as "OELM", much less "manga". Comics are comics.

This aesthetic was chosen simply because it is favored.


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    STUDIO スター~☆ is currently planning to attend Emerald City Comic Con in 2016 but only as a spectator.
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