「Magi Soldat」

Updates: 1st and 15th each month

Magi Soldat is a magi-tech magical girl series currently in its third draft serialization.

The series explores a technological and "realistic" approach to the magical girl genre, with a dash of intergalactic politics thrown in!

How do you save the world when being a hero doesn't mean being invincible? How do you save the world when you're trying to save yourself?

「ELLIPSIS Remaster」

4koma, slice of life
Updates: infrequently

A full color redraw and rework of Star's first web comic!

ELLIPSIS centers around the daily life of Arikawa Seiko and her friends as they attend class at Wakkanai Frontier Academy, a brand new high school intended to test a brand new teaching methodology.

「Daily Life and ZOMBIE」

4koma, slice of life
CW: Gore, Vulgarities, Nudity
Updates: hiatus

The apathetic NEET girl Sumiaki Nune and the anxious academic boy Handa Sugata are drawn into the mysterious and lethal Zombie Games and must find a way to survive! Or not. Sheer WTF at its finest (or worst)!

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Concepts and ideas that are in the planning or early development phase. Listings on this page may begin serialization at some point in the near or far future, or may be cancelled without warning.

「Gutsy(?!) Gaijinman」


Gaijinman, the masked hero with no alter ego?!

Gaijinman is here to fight crime with tactless guts! But maybe the people don't want him to....

「Suun Noriko」

(Working Title)

Toriyama Akira painted a world of ki as a fighting tool. What if people found a sillier usage?
Enter the world of ki-powered competitive drinking!

「project LOCKET」


The story of a boy with a gift that can make all the difference in the world.

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Unfortunately, StarSumiaki is not currently accepting commissions on a regular basis.

About The Artist

StarSumiaki (sometimes stylized as スター~★スミアキ or スター~★隅空き) is a self-taught American artist.

Since adolescence, Star has been dreaming up countless story ideas and fictional worlds. Today, Star tries hard to bring those stories to life through illustrations and sequential comics. Though it has been years and will continue to be years more before these stories are finished, it is Star's hope that you'll stick around for the ride. After all, it's about the journey rather than the destination!

Twitter: @starsumiaki

About Art Style

Star's artistic style is one born from and influenced by a love of Japanese cartoons and comics. Star strives to evolve and refine that style into one recognizably personal --a style clear in its heritage but distinct enough in its quirks to call one's own.

Many of the serial works produced by Star happen to be drawn in the Japanese right-to-left format and employ Japanese sound effects. This does not, however, imply that these works are "OELM" (Original English Language Manga). Star neither considers nor condones the classification of these works as "OELM", much less "manga". These works are classified simply as "comics".

About Themes

Many of Star's works do not shy away from the ugly side of human nature. Characters both protagonist and antagonist may embrace beliefs or feelings that are morally or ethically wrong. Many characters shoulder a personal past full of abuse, neglect, and hurt. Some characters grow while others do not. Some may receive their "just deserts" for their wrongdoing while others may continue scot-free.

Star neither accepts nor condones any of the moral or ethical wrongness that any given character expresses regardless their fate in the story.